How can we help

Our aim is to support children and young people with liver
disease and those requiring liver and / or intestinal transplantation

Family Fund

SPLIT provides direct support to children and families affected by liver disease and those requiring liver and/or small bowel transplantation. We can provide immediate grants for those families requiring small grants up to £50.00. The aim of the fund is to provide direct financial help to families in need where this need has arisen because of their child’s liver disease. Support is mainly provided by the provision of a financial grant, however the fund can be very flexible and we will consider requests for items of equipment and are willing to consider unusual requests not available elsewhere.

How the Family Fund lends a helping hand?

Many families have found themselves spending many weeks, if not months, far from home in a supra regional centre whilst their child receives life saving treatment. Many of these children will have received a liver or liver/small bowel transplant. This is understandably a very difficult time for these families – stressful both emotionally and practically. Families have to maintain two bases as they still face the costs of maintaining their home whilst meeting the substantial costs incurred whilst supporting their child in hospital.

Family members often find themselves having to take unpaid leave from their employment and very often families can face long periods of separation.

Families face further financial costs once their child returns home as they often need to return frequently to supra regional centres for monitoring and supervision of their child’s condition. As centres are often far from the family home the costs of attending out-patient appointments, planned and emergency admissions can be significant.

The Family Fund has helped families to provide essential items such as food, clothing, telephone costs and toys and activities. We have also helped with the costs of travelling expenses both for hospital patient visits and to enable contact visits for siblings.

These are just a small sample of the ways in which the Children’s Liver Family Fund has helped make a difference to the liver of children and their families.

One of the many comments received from families :

Please could you pass on our thanks to all those within the charity involved with arranging financial support for our family.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much of a burden hospital stays can be and your generosity will help ease some of the stress.